Community Connection

We believe that understanding and honoring our connection to our local community is essential to the success of our business and the quality of our working experience. By supporting non-profit agencies that share our vision, we can collectively work to protect our coastal environment and the future of our Savannah home.

Corporate Volunteerism

EPG has established a program to provide pro-bono services to local qualifying non-profit agencies. EPG will provide GIS and/or planning services depending upon the agency's mission and the nature of their specific project needs. If you would like to discuss a potential project, or know of an agency that might have a need for our services, please feel free to contact our staff.

Georgia Conservancy Volunteer Project: EPG provided pro-bono GIS mapping services to the Georgia Conservancy in support of a coastal community planning project, and received the following words of appreciation from their Blueprints Program Manager.

"THANK YOU! This is incredibly helpful and I cannot thank you and your colleagues enough! This information is, again, incredibly helpful to our effort and is even more than I'd hoped to receive. I send my sincere thanks and will let you know how our effort progresses."