City of Americus - Stormwater Utility

EPG was part of the Project Team contracted by the City of Americus to set up their SW Utility and user fee system, which began billing in June of 2010. Some of the tasks performed by our team during the course of the project included:

  • SWMP LOS Development & Cost of Service (COS) Analysis
  • SWMP Funding Assessment & SW Utility Rate Study
  • SW Utility Credit Manual
  • SW Utility Master Account File (MAF) Database Development
  • SW Utility Ordinance
  • SW Utility Customer Service Program
  • SW Utility Public Relations Campaign


In support of this project, we completed a comprehensive SWMP assessment that included a prioritized capital improvement program database and matrix. Project staff worked with the City to gather information on all unfunded and backlogged capital projects, citizen complaints and maintenance work orders related to drainage. This assessment included a field survey and cost assessment to estimate the City's total SWMP funding need. Projects were scored based on ten criteria established by the City and were prioritized based on those scores.

As part of the funding strategy, we also assisted the City in securing a $4.2 million Revenue Bond for the drainage CIP, prioritized as part of the program development. This CIP analysis provided a critical justification for additional SWMP related funding, which was essential during the public education campaign. In fact, our Project Team's approach to public education was so compelling that the Americus Recorder wrote an editorial in support of the SW Utility concept.

Click here to read an Editorial published in the Americus Times Recorder