City of Darien - Park and Trail

EPG assisted the City of Darien with implementation of a Coastal Incentive Grant to develop a Multi-Use Trail Master Plan. This project included conceptual design and a phased approach for implementation. The implementation plan addresses specific projects and tasks including streetscape improvements, ordinance amendments, signage standards, guidebook development, and trail construction standards. EPG worked the City to prioritize implementation activities and determine the cost associated with implementation. The implementation plan established the framework necessary for the City to seek future grants to assist with implementation of the phases discussed above.

EPG continues to assist the City of Darien with funding and implementation of this plan. EPG has secured three additional grants for the City to 1) fund the restoration of the 1920 Dairy Barn as an Interpretive Center and trail head, 2) provide better boardwalk access to coastal marshland areas, and 3) restore abandoned docks as a kayak /canoe input location for the trail.

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