CGRC&DC Ordinances

EPG was contracted by the Coastal Georgia Resources Conservation and Development Council (CGRC&DC) to develop a set of Model Ordinances in association with the Coastal Georgia Green Growth Guidelines and Coastal Comprehensive Plan. EPG's role was project coordination, development of the model ordinances, and local government assistance.

The model ordinance was designed to provide guidance to local governments as they develop community specific regulations to minimize the negative impacts of future development on the sensitive coastal environment. This project created a package of companion development regulations and standards to the Green Growth Guidelines that can be tailored to the individual needs of each community and the unique aspects of coastal Georgia. Specifically, this suite of model ordinances included a Conservation Subdivision Ordinance, Development Standards, and a Natural Resources Protection Ordinance.

These standards were created within the context of an overall Green Infrastructure approach.  The project tied together existing model coastal ordinances that have been developed for the Coastal and Statewide Nonpoint Source and Coastal Management Programs, including ordinances for riparian buffers, wetlands, conservation subdivisions and septic system maintenance and inspection.

It was the goal of this project that the model ordinances become a tool for implementation of the Coastal Regional Commission's Coastal Comprehensive Plan.