Garden City - Planning

EPG entered into an ongoing task order contract with the City of Garden City in 2009 for a variety of planning services. Some of the services we have provided since the start of this contract are summarized below:

  • Census Data Analysis and Appeal. EPG is currently working with the City to evaluate the 2010 census results against existing City databases and field surveys. Based on the results of our evaluation, we will help the City prepare a formal challenge to the Census bureau.
  • Short Term Work Program Update. EPG is assisting the City with an update to their 2008 Comprehensive Plan Short Term Work Program, due in October 2011. EPG was the original author for the City's 2008 Comprehensive Plan.
  • Fire Protection Fees. EPG was contracted to help the City set up an enterprise fund and establish a user fee for Fire Protection services. This process includes an assessment of the current Fire Department program and budget, establishment of a rate methodology based on ISO's needed fire flow calculations, set up of a master account file, establishment of a credit policy and implementation of a public education program. The first fire fee bill was issued in January 2011.
  • Solid Waste Management Plan Implementation. EPG drafted the City's 2008 Solid Waste Management Plan in 2008. After adoption of the Plan, EPG worked with the City to audit all solid waste accounts and identify undercharged accounts. EPG also assisted the City with set up of the curbside recycling program, by implementing a public education program and setting up a master account file for billing.
  • Recreation Needs Assessment. EPG is working with the City to perform a Recreation Needs Assessment. This project includes a significant public involvement phase that includes a web survey and a series of public meetings. In addition, EPG will perform a recreational facilities level of service analysis, and make recommendations to the City to address recreational needs identified through this process.
  • Water Rate Analysis. EPG has assisted the City with an audit of all their water and sewer customers. The analysis also included evaluation of the base charges and the rate model that sets the base and unit water rates.
  • Stormwater Utility Credit Analysis. EPG staff review stormwater utility credit applications on behalf of the City's Stormwater Department and made recommendations for approval or denial.