Marine Extension Service - Hydromodification

EPG was part of the team contracted by the Marine Extension Service to provide guidance on the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of hydromodification projects in an effort to minimize their impacts on coastal ecosystems. This project was designed to address impacts from coastal dredging, impoundment, and dam projects on coastal waters and habitats through an outreach and education program.

As part of this project EPG was contracted to perform a survey of coastal stakeholders and facilitate a technical advisory committee to provide input during the development of a Hyrdomodification Best Management Practices manual.

The Marine Extension Service received a 319 Non-Point Source Program grant to address the following conditions cited in the 2002 NOAA/EPA Georgia Coastal Nonpoint Source Program Findings and Conditions needed for approval of the Coastal Nonpoint Source Program:

  • Development of an operations and maintenance plan for existing modified channels to improve physical and chemical characteristics of surface waters and identify opportunities to restore habitat in those channels.
  • Development of management measures for dams and impoundments to a.) apply nutrients at rates necessary to establish and maintain vegetation without causing significant nutrient runoff to surface waters, and b) protect surface water quality and in-stream and riparian habitat.
  • Development of best management practices to address streambank and shoreline erosion with the least amount of impact to water quality and habitat.