City of Port Wentworth - SWMP

EPG was contracted by the City of Port Wentworth to provide guidance and technical assistance for the implementation of the City's Stormwater Management Program. The program currently includes Phase I NPDES MS4 Permit compliance, CIP including stream restoration projects, industrial stormwater permit regulation, drainage system inventory and a stormwater management ordinance update and revision.

NPDES Phase I MS4 Permit Compliance
EPG was contracted by the City to update its Stormwater Management Plan in compliance with the NPDES Phase I MS4 permit, reissued in 2010. In order to facilitate the necessary revision, EPG coordinated with the GA Environmental Protection Division, worked with City staff to incorporate asset management into the City's operations and maintenance program, and helped the City expand the industrial compliance element of the program.

Capital Drainage Projects
EPG was contracted by the City to assist with implementation of the City's CIP. The City has approximately $1.5 million of dedicated SPLOST funding to address various drainage projects throughout the City. EPG is assisted with implementation of four of these projects, including a parking lot retrofit that includes a bio-retention demonstration project and stream bank stabilization.

NPDES Industrial Stormwater Permit Regulation & Enforcement
EPG has been contracted to maintain the City's industrial database/inventory and to perform stormwater inspections at various industrial industries in compliance with the NPDES program.

Drainage System Inventory
EPG is continuing to work to update and maintain the City's GIS inventory of the stormwater drainage system. This process includes incorporation of new as-builts as well as field GIS surveys of existing systems. In addition to locating stormwater structures, EPG staff also performs a water quality and infrastructure condition assessment of the structure to allow for local governments to plan and prioritize their system maintenance programs.

Stormwater Management Ordinance Update
EPG worked with the City to update their Stormwater Ordinance to incorporate elements of the Coastal Stormwater Supplement (CSS) to the GSMM and model ordinance. This update ensured that the ordinance was consistent with the Green Growth Guidelines and the CSS.