Funding Assistance

EPG can provide assistance with grant writing, the set up and successful implementation of stormwater utilities, fire protection utilities, a user fee system and billing system audits.

Grant Writing
EPG specializes in writing successful grant application on behalf of our clients for the Coastal Incentive Grant (CIG) program, administered by the Coastal Resource Division of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. Read More

Stormwater Utility
EPG specializes in building a compelling case for your stormwater service delivery enhancement and identifying additional funding resources for implementation. Our staff has extensive experience with the set up and successful implementation of stormwater utilities and user fee systems in Georgia. Read More

Fire Protection Fees
EPG can work with you to set up and implement a Fire Protection Utility and User Fee system. A fire protection user fee system is a financing option that provides a fair, equitable, stable and dedicated revenue source to support the various services provided by a fire department. Read More

Utility Billing System Audits
EPG staff will work with your local utility billing system operators to perform audits of water, sewer, stormwater and solid waste accounts. Through our assistance we can help you turn Enterprise Fund losses into gains so that revenue received covers the cost of providing the service. Read More