EPG can assist you with comprehensive planning, including solid waste management plans, future land use plans, updating zoning and subdivision ordinances, as well as greenspace and parks planning. EPG can also help you implement your public involvement process.

Comprehensive Planning
We have experience working on all the necessary elements of a comprehensive plan including land use, community facilities and infrastructure, natural resources development, housing and economic development. Read More

Solid Waste Management Planning
Current regulations require local governments to complete and maintain an up-to-date Solid Waste Management Plan. The Solid Waste Plan provides an assessment the how trash enters the waste stream, how it is collected, and finally location and method of disposal. Read More

Future Land Use Plan
EPG will work with you to develop the tools you need to help you plan for the future of your community. Read More

Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances
EPG can help you update your land use and development regulations to achieve your future land use and resource protection goals. EPG has helped local communities develop Zoning Ordinance, Subdivision Ordinances, Stormwater Ordinances and other resource protection regulations to achieve compliance with the Georgia Environmental Protection Division and the Department of Community Affairs. Read More

Greenspace and Parks Planning
Our staff can help you perform recreational and park assessments, develop concepts for recreational areas, and secure grant funding. Read More

Community Involvement Facilitation
EPG staff can help implement your public involvement process through a variety of creative channels including: visioning activities, web-based surveys, public educational materials, web page development and public meetings. Read More