Stormwater Utilities

Expansion of local stormwater management programs has been necessitated in recent years by expanded regulatory requirements, aging and deteriorating drainage infrastructure, and watershed impacts due to development. Yet, resources available to implement local stormwater programs are limited. EPG specializes in building a compelling case for your stormwater service delivery enhancement and identifying additional funding resources for implementation. Our staff has extensive experience with the set up and successful implementation of stormwater utilities and user fee systems in Georgia. The extent of our stormwater utility experience includes the full scope of stormwater utility development tasks:

  • Detailed stormwater management program assessments
  • Public education program implementation
  • Impervious surface GIS delineations and database
  • Master Account File and billing system integration
  • User fee credit policy
  • Customer Service Program
  • Stormwater Utility Rate and Enterprise Ordinances
  • Ongoing Stormwater Utility implementation

We understand the complexity of SW Utility development, the necessity for due diligence during stormwater utility formation, and the importance of public involvement.

Follow link to view the Stormwater Utility Handbook (external site)