Tybee Island Planning Services

EPG has assisted the City of Tybee Island with numerous planning services over the past five years. Planning services that have been provided include the following:

Comprehensive Plan Update

EPG is on the team assisting the City with an update to the City's Masterplan (Comprehensive Plan). Activities include facilitation of an advisory committee, GIS database updates, land use and demographic analysis, and development of a work program,

Planning & Zoning Services

EPG staff were contracted to provide in-house planning and zoning services for the City of Tybee Island over a nine-month period, to assist the City during a prolonged staffing vacancy.

CRS Audit

EPG staff assisted the City with their recent audit for the Floodplain Management Community Rating System five-year update. With our assistance, the City's CRS rating decreased 2 full points to a rating of 5.

Carrying Capacity Study

EPG successfully procured a Coastal Incentive Grant, and is now assisting the City with a Carrying Capacity Study for the island. This project involves a population study, a robust stakeholder process, and recommendations for inclusion in the City's Comprehensive Plan.